Kaoko Mopane Lodge

Humba children

Himba Tour

Half or Full Day:  The Himba village is about 30km from the lodge, and we will spend about 2 hours there. Your guide will introduce you to the people. You will learn about daily life, for example, butter making, washing or making jewellery. You will have conversations with the community and are allowed to take photos. You are visiting an ancient group of people who kept their culture and people sacred and alive. 
Full Day: includes a visit to the fountain

Fountain Hike

Half or Full Day: Depart Mopane at 09h00. The drive to the fountain takes one and a half hours, followed by an hour’s hike to reach the source. Depending on the guest’s fitness, we take them to see the tree the Himba use to make their perfume. This fountain has never been dry, and the Himba people move here when their grazing is finished. They also farm vegetables for their consumption. 
The full day tour includes a four hour hike to and additional fountain (where you can swim)

The fountain visited on a day trip from Kaoko Mopane
Amazing fossils and rock formations on day trips from Kaoko Mopane Lodge

Fossil Tour

Half Day:  Depart from the lodge at 9 am. It is about half an hour’s hike to the fossils. We spend about an hour at the fossils before we return to Mopane.

Full Day: As above, but includes a visit to the fountain