Kaoko Mopane Lodge

The Gateway to Kaokoland

Kaoko Mopane Lodge

The Gateway to Kaokoland

Kaoko Mopane lodge is elegantly hidden in the shade of Mopane trees along the edge of an ancient river. The lodge is located approximately 6km southeast of Opuwo, in the Kunene region. 

Kaoko Mopane Lodge offers a range of accommodation options, including 12 Luxury Rooms, 7 Private Campsites & 1 Overland Campsite. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the lodge and surrounds. In addition, 24-hour security provides peace of mind. The restaurant and bar offer the perfect place to relax and enjoy the tranquil environment.

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Kaoko Mopane Lodge & Campsite isn’t just another lodge; it was built from locally sourced recycled material and operates entirely on solar power.

With a greenhouse sporting more than a thousand seedlings, this lodge aims to supply its restaurant and the area. 

Family Owned

Since the Schoeman’s first endeavour in Opuwo 15 years ago, they have come a long way to establish themselves as business owners and locals in Kaokoland.

The Schoeman couple fell in love with Mopane Camp many years ago. Eventually, they finally had the chance to make their dream come true and jumped at the opportunity.

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Gateway to Kaokoland

Kaoko Mopane is a haven, a serene escape, surrounded by wild grasses, mopane trees and distant mountains. The fantastic assortment of bird calls and the rustle of leaves in the wind add to the urge to indulge in the calm of nature.

The perfect place to recharge, fill up, and rejuvenate before venturing into Namibia’s remote Kaokoland region.


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