Something woke you up, but you’re not sure what. You realise you have been trying to figure it out for a while because your body is as tight as your wife on a Monday night. And so you listen intently. Nothing. You open your eyes and stare into the pitch black of night. That also isn’t right. It is never this dark. And then realisation kicks in. 

At the break of dawn, the francolin is the first to break the silence. The guinea fowl, doves and hornbills follow the party to the choir. It is music to the ears of the weary traveller. At home, in the city or in town, there never is time to wake up like this. You don’t think the birds sing like this at home either. And if they do, they are probably drowned out by the hoots and toots of the taxis down the street. You relax and slide over to the wife. Funnily enough, she isn’t awake – the peacefulness of Kaoko Mopane has settled over her like chocolate icing over a cake.

Kaoko Mopane Lodge & Campsite offers a breakaway that so many of us need on a monthly basis. A place to sit down to just sit and contemplate life. It is a place where silence becomes a friend and nature, food. Situated just outside of Opuwo, it is the ideal breakaway for Namibians in north-central Namibia. It is a fantastic stop for salesmen who need a few hours of silence before heading home. And it is the perfect stop for the weary traveller before continuing his journey. 

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Remember, Namibians can ask for local rates when booking directly.