The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.                         

– Marcel Proust

Why we stayed

Kaokoland Dreams

Since the Schoeman’s very first endeavour in Opuwo 15 years ago, they have come a long way to establish themselves as business owners and locals in Kaokoland. 

The Schoeman couple fell in love with Mopane Camp a good 15 years ago. After more than a decade they finally had the chance to make their dream come true and jumped at the opportunity.

Kaoko Mopane 

Kaoko Mopane is a safe haven to the Schoemans; a serene escape, surrounded by wild grasses, mopane trees and distant mountains. The wild assortment of bird calls and the rustle of leaves in the wind add to the urge to indulge in the calm of nature. This is where they recharge, fill-up and are rejuvinated. 

The Schoemans dream to turn Kaoko Mopane into a self-sustainable establishment, growing their own fruit and veggies, with plenty of chickens  to supply their own free range eggs for breakfast. 

  • 5 Luxury Chalets

  • Wi-Fi

  • Swimming Pool

  • True Namibian Hospitality

  • 5 Campsites 

  • Own Shower & Toilet

  • Own Braai / Boma Area

  • Hot Water & Power Points

Be a part of our Green Iniative

We don’t just want to be self-sustainable because it is cool and hype. The traditional people here in Kaokoland, the Himba, has lived their tradinal lives for decades without all the gadgets and assistance we have today. It is to them that we look for inspiration when it comes to being self-sustainable but it is also the Himba people that we need to support and it is here that we need your help.

By staying at Kaoko Mopane Lodge & Campsite, you donate a small fee, that we call Conservancy Fees, that goes a long way to assist the Himba in making a livelihood in today’s challenging world. 

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